Reconverted engineer, after 7 months of continuous training, Anthony obtained a Certificate of Specialization in Farm Dairy Products (issued by an ENIL, the CFPPA of Aurillac

 A pride !

Trainer accredited to the European Good Hygiene Practice for Farmer Dairy Products – March 2021.


They started at home! Why not? Starting with some yogourts, ripening some classical cheeses and then try to make my own products! Don’t be panic, you can also turn your milk into cheese at home, all you need is a little method!

  • EARL Le Théron: Lactics made with Rove’s goats

  • La Laiterie Toulousaine : preference for soft, spun cheeses (mozzarella style) but also all kinds of lactic and fresh cheese. All possible milks, but the favorites are the smoothness of sheep and buffaloes