Cheese Training courses

formation fromage fabrication

Cheese technologies training courses:  Do you want to perfect your technics? Develop a new range or a new product like mozzarella? Develop your indigenous ferments? Improve your refinements or prepare your future installation? I can assist you in the design and management of your cheese workshop. I can also guide you to choose a technology and set it up, choose the equipment and the organization according to your system.

Hygiene Cheese process training: European Good Hygiene Practice (initial or update), training in cheese technology, etc.

Please, contact me to discuss it simply by phone, it is always easier.

Quality control: Do you have a sanitary problem? Need to improve your PMS? implement the new European GBPH in your farm, HACCP method and traceability? I can accompany you in all these phases, from development to implementation or improvement.

Substitute cheesemaker for sick leave or vacation to be taken? Anthony is registered with the Regional Replacement Service. Draft included.


Below you will find main trainings. Some can be offered in mixed digital. The practice being very important, depending on the location of the training, it can be carried out and will allow a better assimilation of practices and gestures.

Hygiene in Farm Dairy Products : Knowing and mastering regulations, basic hygiene rules, pathogenic microorganisms, physical/chemical/microbial hazards. Help setting up a Management Sanitary Plan, using the European GBPH, HACCP methods, self-checks and traceability – 2 days for initial training or 1 day for updating

Choose your transformation project : Discover the basics of the main major cheese transformations: fresh products, lactic, soft, spun, blue-veined and pressed cheeses. Assistance in the implementation of products adapted to the exploitation of each one. Adapted health control – 1 to 5 days  depending on needs

Soft cheeses and spun cheeses (mozza): Understand and acquire the fundamentals to master all the manufacturing steps depending on the milks and the rates – 1 to 2 days  depending on the needs

Lactics : Understand and acquire the fundamentals to master all the stages of production, from seeding, to refining, including accidents – 1 to 2 days depending on needs